Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How FiveFingers Turbo-charges My Running

I've been running with the FiveFingers Sprint for a couple of months now, and I keep asking myself how . . . how is it that I feel lighter on my feet? How is it that I run a little faster, a little farther, with a little less effort? How is it that I enjoy running so much more than with a uni-toe running shoe?

Finally, I think I'm getting an inkling about how it works. First of all, I'm a pronator. My feet hit the ground at an angle. But when I'm wearing FiveFingers, there's no stuff between the ground and my foot to absorb the pronation, and my feet are forced to hit the ground straight on. Secondly, I'm not just running on my own propulsion. With FiveFingers, I now have 10 little assistants helping out. Between those two improvements, I feel a considerable boost in my overall running performance. I run differently and I run better.

Another benefit, and this is just a preference, but I love to be able to walk out the door without fussing over which socks to wear running. If socks are too thick, they make your feet hot. If they are too thin, your feet flop around in your shoes. FiveFingers fit snugly like gloves, so naturally I wear them barefoot. It's easy. I don them and walk away. My socks are collecting dust and it's one less complication in life. And because the shoes are washable, I've always got a fresh pair. I think I'm in love with these turbo-charged, always fresh foot-gloves!

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