Monday, October 08, 2007

Sad Day for the Running Sport: One Dead in Chicago Marathon, One Dead in Army Race

He died with his running shoes on, sweating and panting in the 88-plus-degree heat and intense humidity of a Chicago morning--unseasonably humid and hot for this time of year. But the worst of it was that he was only 35 years old! Chad Schieber, a veteran police officer, passed away yesterday while running the Chicago Marathon, and 300 other runners were hospitalized for heat-related ailments. Shortages of water and fitness drinks were reported along the marathon route, and the race was canceled midway through.

It was a sad day for the running sport. Another runner died yesterday of heat-exhaustion—in an Army 10-mile race, but the runner's name has not been released. He died just short of the finish line, near the Pentagon.

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